Dakka Büyükelçiliği 23.06.2020
As per the letter no. 14500235-419-E.1097 of the General Directorate of Healthcare Services of the Ministry of Health dated May 15, 2020, patients and accompanying persons to visit Turkey for health tourism purposes during the COVID-19 pandemic will be registered to the patient monitoring system of USHAŞ.

Within this framework, said patients must be registered to the patient monitoring system at covid19st.ushas.com.tr.

Our announcement on the system has been published on the announcements and health tourism sections on the home page of USHAŞ's website. Also, a new website has been created (www.ushas.com.tr/covid19st.html), which will also have all the information and announcements about the system.
For questions, you can contact the International Patient Call Center (+90 850 288 38 38). For software-related bugs and questions, contact teknikcovid19st@ushas.com.tr and for system-related questions, contact covid19st@ushas.com.tr.
The system operates in Turkish, English, Arabic, Russian, German and French and additional languages can be added, if necessary. In addition, the International Patient Call Center operates in 6 languages 24/7.

Rules for using the system and the pre-approval flow are as follows:


1.To register a patient, a "user account" must be created. An account can be created for these four users:
b.Patient relative
d.Intermediary agency

2.User accounts of intermediary agencies and hospitals will be activated following necessary checks by USHAŞ.
3.Up to a maximum of 2 accompanying persons can be registered for one patient.
4.Following the registration of a patient, the same patient (with same passport/ID number) cannot be registered again.
Pre-approval flow

1.A user account is created.
2.The patient, who would like to receive treatment in Turkey, is registered. At this point, details of the patient are requested such as:

a.Patient details
First and last name, language spoken, e-mail address, nationality, ID number, passport number, date of birth, sex, passport issuing country, passport expiry date, country the patient is travelling from, border the patient will enter from

b.Patient's medical information
Hospital the patient will visit, specialty from which treatment is sought, COVID-19 PCR test result, if applicable

c.Hospital patient approval certificate
The template of this document can be found on the website. A document signed by hospital officials approving patient's admission to that hospital must be uploaded to the system (This document is requested for users other than hospitals to register patients).

d.Patient contract and consent form
The template of the form can be found on the website. The form must be signed separately by the patient and the accompanying person and uploaded to the system.

e.Details of the accompanying person
First and last name, e-mail address, phone number, passport number and expiry date, contract and COVID-19 PCR test result, if applicable

-A patient can only have 2 accompanying persons, at the most, associated with him/her.

-All fields are mandatory.

3.Registered patients are evaluated and either approved or refused by USHAŞ.
4.If a patient is refused, grounds for refusal are shared with the user registering the patient and the patient by an e-mail.
5.If a patient is approved, a copy of the approval document is shared with the user registering the patient and the patient by an e-mail.
Patient records pending USHAŞ approval are finalized within 24 hours and shared with the user registering the patient and the patient by an e-mail.

The rules listed below on the approval of patients, who would like to receive healthcare services in Turkey during the COVID-19 pandemic, have also been shared along with the announcement.

1.Patients from these countries will be admitted:
- All countries

2. Patients will be admitted to these specialties:
- All specialties

3. Hospitals, to which patients and accompanying persons will be admitted, must meet these conditions:
a. Must hold an International Health Tourism License issued by the Ministry of Health.
b. Specialties, in which diseases can be diagnosed and treated in health tourism, must be specified on its license and operating license.
c. A separate floor or a separate ward in the hospital, to which no patients or accompanying persons from other areas can have contact with, must be reserved for international health tourism patients.

4. Two accompanying persons, at most, will be allowed into Turkey along with one patient and the rules to be followed by patients and accompanying persons in terms of travel, entry into the country, transfer and isolation are provided in the "Annex-2: Measures for International Health Tourism Patients and Their Accompanying Persons."

5. Patients and accompanying persons can enter Turkey via designated air, land and seaports listed below:

a. Via air: Istanbul Airport, Istanbul Atatürk Airport, Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Ankara Esenboğa Airport, Antalya Airport, Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, Adana Airport

b. Via land: Kapıkule Border Gate, Sarp Border Gate, Habur Border Gate

c. Via sea: Mersin Taşucu Port, Karasu Port

6. Patients and accompanying persons will get PCR tests or give samples for PCR test for COVID-19 for a fee at airports and border gates.


Sunday - Thursday

09:00 - 13:00 / 14:00 - 18:00

09:00-13:00 14:00-18:00
6/21/2023 6/23/2023 Eid-ul Fitr
6/28/2023 7/1/2023 Eid-ul Adha *
10/29/2023 10/29/2023 Turkish Republic Day